Biblical Law Decoded.

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my site. I am proud to inform you that the Biblical law of the New Testament and The Old Testament are one in the same. Not as the popular Christian doctrine will describe it. It is a pesky rumor that the two central collections of documents are separate … Continue reading Biblical Law Decoded.

Should Christians Keep the Law of Moses?

Our prophesied savior, Christ, was born to us through the union of Joseph and Mary. In the first book of the New Testament Christ gets baptized and starts teaching in the synagogue on the Sabbath day! He begins giving us instructions on how to live by the Word of God. The one most intriguing lesson … Continue reading Should Christians Keep the Law of Moses?

Mary And Her Conception From Luke’s Account.

Greetings Truth seeker! Welcome to my website where I write articles about Biblical concepts most people ignore. This article is a follow up of my previous one about the Virgin Mary Myth. I will be writing on the same topic but instead I will examine a slightly different account of Mary's conception of the Christ … Continue reading Mary And Her Conception From Luke’s Account.

The Virgin Marry Myth Decoded.

The New Testament is a beautifully written collection of books. We are invited in with the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. All four gospels are four different perspectives of the same account. Christ life as a grown man, his works, and his teachings. However upon reading the first chapter of Matthew we … Continue reading The Virgin Marry Myth Decoded.

The 7 Levels of Biblically Interpretation.

Greetings truth seeker. In my last article I talked about how to read the bible. In this article I will elaborate on the levels of Biblical interpretation to help you understand what to look for in scripture and to know where you stand with understanding it. A majority of the different Christian sects come out … Continue reading The 7 Levels of Biblically Interpretation.

The Pagan Symbolism of The Cross.

Greetings truth seeker. This article focuses on the unfortunate religious pandemic of Sun worship symbols within the popular Christian Church. Yes, an ancient pagan sun worship symbol has infiltrated the Christian Church. This is sad but true. We would like to believe that Christianity as we know it is entirely original but it is not. … Continue reading The Pagan Symbolism of The Cross.

How To Read The Bible.

Good day wonderful Biblical truth searchers! Congratulations on wanting to learn more about the Bible and most importantly how to read the Bible. There are many different ways that you can start reading but there is one that is way more effective than the common way of reading. I offer you a strategy that increases … Continue reading How To Read The Bible.

Lying To The Children.

Good morning! I am breaking away from my topic about the origins of pagan sunday worship for now. I decided to write about lying instead today. Specifically lying to children. This issue came up a few days ago when my son told some children that the tooth fairy isn't real. A classical lie parents think … Continue reading Lying To The Children.

Origins: Christian Sunday Worship.

Sun gods are prevalent in pagan cultures, and worshiped on Sunday, the first day of the week. On this day most pagan societies rest from their work in honor of their sun god. The sun god is usually male but sometimes it’s female depending on the culture. The common theme of the sun gods is … Continue reading Origins: Christian Sunday Worship.

The Power of Submission.

This scripture is one of my favorite ones because it has moal power behind it. It is common to believe that those of us in leadership positions can be dictators, selfish and arogant. This scripture speaks against that notion. Instead it expresses a sense of humility even in our leaders. Our leaders are also required … Continue reading The Power of Submission.

Origins: The Days of The Week

In Grade school, we're taught a lot of basic knowledge; counting, shapes, measurements, manners and calendars. As we grow however, our teachers never teach us where this stuff comes from. Or at least, they don’t like telling the truth about the history of our most used basic information. The origins of the names of the … Continue reading Origins: The Days of The Week

Sunday Worship Is Not Biblical.

Pagan traditions influence the modern Christian religion. One of the most obvious influences is Sunday worship. Worshiping sun gods and goddesses, on Sunday, is a common theme among pagans. The Biblical saviour is not a sun god; he is the son of the one and only creator. Christ is a truth giver, order instructor, glorious … Continue reading Sunday Worship Is Not Biblical.

Did Christ Abolish The Biblical Sabbath.

The big question for modern Christians is whether or not Christ ordered us to neglect the Sabbath day. The short answer to this question is no. Christ's presence in the New Testament had caused a lot of transformations to the original Biblical law. A majority of his fellow Israelites wanted to persecute him because of … Continue reading Did Christ Abolish The Biblical Sabbath.

Pagan Christianity

This is an introduction to a type of Christianity that is fun and loved by lots of people. Christians love pagan holidays because it is easier to conform than to separate from popular traditions . This is due to Christians knowingly or unknowingly celebrating Pagan holidays as if they were ordained biblical holidays. Well known … Continue reading Pagan Christianity

How To Keep The Sabbath Holy Part Two..

  Photo by Alesia Kozik on In the previous post I wrote about the first four rules out of the seven for keeping the Biblical Sabbath Holy. In this article I will continue to explain the last 3 rules for keeping the Biblical Sabbath holy. The final three rules are: no kindling a fire, … Continue reading How To Keep The Sabbath Holy Part Two..

How to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Part 1.

One of the big 10 commandments that most Christians know of is Exodus 20:8 “Remember The Sabbath, to keep it holy.” The Sabbath day is very important to The Most High God because he established it as holy since the dawn of mankind. Genesis 2:2-3 KJV. This is a day of rest that the heavenly … Continue reading How to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Part 1.

Easter, a Biblical Holiday?

Easter is commonly known as a Christian holiday celebrated on the first Sunday of spring. It's a day that Christ was resurrected from dying on the cross. It is also a day of communion with the church and other believers. The tradition is to engage children in egg hunts and bunny decorations all arrayed with … Continue reading Easter, a Biblical Holiday?

Hidden Reason To keep The sabbath.

Good day to you, wonderful reader in search of hidden biblical truths! I am proud to enlighten you about the wonderful Sabbath day. A day that most modern societies ignore and take for granted. Little do most people know that the biblical Sabbath is still relevant to modern Christians. For clarity I would like to … Continue reading Hidden Reason To keep The sabbath.

Biblical Morality Vs. Worldly Morality.

Biblical morality is a term I’d like to use to specify the difference between worldly morality and Biblical morality. Those of us  living in the western world may have confused the two as one “universal good”. To some degree they do overlap. However they are still distinctively different. There are levels of morality in the … Continue reading Biblical Morality Vs. Worldly Morality.

My Sabbath Day Temptation.

Good day to you prototypical Christian. It’s nice to see you up and reading today. I am up as well expressing my concerns for part of the Prototypical Christian life. The heavenly father has blessed all to join him in his holly rest day. Which is the Sabbath day, the seventh day of the week, … Continue reading My Sabbath Day Temptation.

Prototypical Christian.

A prototypical Christian is a term that denotes the first and original form of Christianity. This meaning has different components to it. However, in short it is referring to the followers of the religion, culture and spirituality of The Most high God. This is explained through the entirety of the prophetic testimonials called holly scriptures … Continue reading Prototypical Christian.