Prototypical Christian.

A prototypical Christian is a term that denotes the first and original form of Christianity. This meaning has different components to it. However, in short it is referring to the followers of the religion, culture and spirituality of The Most high God. This is explained through the entirety of the prophetic testimonials called holly scriptures or the Bible.

Many Christians today are not “proto-christian”, they do not follow the biblical way strictly. Instead most of them, especially Catholics, fussed the religion with paganism. The popular holidays of Easter, Christmas, thanksgiving, New Years and valentines day are all originating from pagan origins. They do not come from any biblical text. Modern Christianity is a very “lukewarm” religion according to the scripture. This short article is a brief outline of what prototypical Christianity is.

Basic Rules For a Prototypical Christian.

  1. this is the first and last religion since the beginning of time.
  2. Celebrate the biblical feast, not popular holidays.
  3. Value both old and new testament scriptures.
  4. Christ original name is Yashayah not Jesus. Gods name is Ahayah Asher Ahayah.
  5. Our accepted and basic “cannolitical scriptural text” are the Apocryphal books of the old testament, the apocalypse of Paul and John; and books of Enoch, Jubelees and Josher.
  6. Do not eat unclean foods mentioned in Leviticus 11. Women wear head coverings while men do not. We value modesty from both genders, monogamy, monotheistic, and one baptism.
  7. We do not believe in the rapture doctrine because scripture talks about a resurrection not a rapture.
  8. Drink wine only, but not to access.
  9. Only deal with the Enoch calendar.
  10. Biblical interpretation is based on proven historical events, past and present culture, literature and forbidden Archeology.

Throughout this website these ten concepts of proto-Christianity will be explained in an easy way. These concepts are a bit foreign to most Christians and are uncomfortable to follow because it is 85% against the entire world culture. Proto-Christianity is unfortunately a lonely religion because only the brave few and brave will celebrate it.

Mainstream Christianity is unfortunately infused with pagan/heathan traditions instead of Biblical traditions. Prototypical Christianity is not a new religion but a practical manifestation of ignored scripture. It is the embodiment of the narrow path that leads to heaven. Not the wide path that many have chosen to go. Prototypical Christianity is a calling to all nations to return to the basics and the true teachings of the prophets and the messiah. Build thy faith on this solid foundation and no temptation can shake it.

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