My Sabbath Day Temptation.

Good day to you prototypical Christian. It’s nice to see you up and reading today. I am up as well expressing my concerns for part of the Prototypical Christian life. The heavenly father has blessed all to join him in his holly rest day. Which is the Sabbath day, the seventh day of the week, Saturday. It is meant to be peaceful, stress-free and refreshing. Unfortunately most people today do not find a holy rest day necessary. Most people enjoy working all day everyday, shopping, having sex and going out to eat. Some like to go to a club, on the heavenly fathers holy Sabbath. Little do they know that this is all against him. Written of in the first 10 commandments Exodus 20:8-11.

Little old me, and a few others, actually enjoy the law of keeping the Sabbath holy. I get to sleep in a little bit, keep the lights off and cook the day before. I like to read my bible and I’ll even sit outside and soak up the sun with all thanksgiving.

My coworkers however think that my reason for having Saturday off is absurd. They tell me that it’s a waste of time and I won’t be promoted to being a manager if I keep The Sabbath day unavailable to work.  It’s true, this restaurant that I work for offers good opportunities for their managers but they require me to give up my faith, my free time and sanity just to have it. While they’re working a 12 hour shift and dealing with angry customers on the Sabbath, I am giving thanks and relaxing with The Heavenly father and the angels. Although they are all making $50k plus annually, enjoying vacation time, all round health care and college fund benefits, I settle with keeping the Sabbath holy.

I’d rather stay financially mediocre for the rest of my life than to give up such a wonderful holy Sabbath day! But that’s the test that The Heavenly Father brings our way when we choose to live our lives according to his lifestyle, culture and righteousness. We are tempted by The Adversary about all the great things we could accomplish in his lawless and sinful world. The luxury of the sinful world comes with a price however, and that is everlasting fiery torment. The Adversary glosses over the ultimate punishment when he tempts us. It’s up to us to choose the best life and the best afterlife.

Mark 14:48kjv. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. I find myself being tempted everyday about the luxury of the sinner. Many of the people I’ve coached and trained to be great cooks became managers after a year of working, yet I still haven’t been blessed with this promotion after almost four years. It hurts honestly. My trainees who manage me now look at me all the time and ask “why haven’t you been promoted yet?”. I reply the same answer every time; “I am religious and i will not work Saturday.” I watch them walk away in sadness and rejection. I see it in their eyes, they pity me and look down on me not really knowing the real picture here.

I choose to lay my treasures up in heaven and not on earth as they have chosen. Matthew 6:19-20kjv. I am rich! Not on earth but in my spirit and in my mind I am at peace. It’s hard for the unlearned to see the grand design of biblically spiritual work, but that doesn’t matter because the truth is between me and The Heavenly Father always and forever.


Some of you may be wondering why keeping the sabbath is so important, or why is it that I would care to do it when hardly anyone else is. I will elaborate on the reasons for why keeping the sabbath is so important according to scripture in another post but for now know this, that walking with Christ was never meant to be easy in a world if sin. That’s why most people refuse to keep it holy. The Heavenly Father gives his hardest battles to his strongest warriors. If you aspire to keep the Sabbath stay tooned in and I will do my best to guide you into the most righteous path if it be Gods will. Amen.

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