The Power of Submission.

This scripture is one of my favorite ones because it has moal power behind it. It is common to believe that those of us in leadership positions can be dictators, selfish and arogant. This scripture speaks against that notion. Instead it expresses a sense of humility even in our leaders. Our leaders are also required to serve their followers according to scripture.

A leader should protect, guide, heal, teach and love their followers. Servatude is usually thought of as submission. Submission is not exclusively feminine, it is meant for both genders to serve one another in a way that is pleasing. This type of leader and follower relationship is harmonious for as long as their possistions are respected.

The greatest among us, like our president, company CEO’s, Pastors, police officers, judges and teachers are ment to serve the ones that follow, admire and work for them. A possition of authority shouldn’t be used as a means to control or posses selfish gain. Instead they should look to creating harmony.

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