Noahs Flood; Exodus Happened: Coming Soon.

Greetings to all my few but faithful followers. I’d like to announce the topics of a few articles I plan on writing about. There seems to be a controversy about whether or not the famous biblical flood had ever happened in earths history. I thought to write this when I started this blog, however a lot of research goes into topics like this. 

In the articles soon to come, I’d like to take a deep dive into other religious accounts of a world flood. And describe what they have in common. Next I’d like to explore some potential evidence of a world flood. I would examine old evidence and newer evidence alike. I will use both the complementary and discreditary information available from archeology, geology and etcetera. 

I assure you that I have no need to fabricate information. If something isn’t true or can’t be proven wrong, I will only present the information to you for you to decide what you would want to believe in. My job here is only to give everyone a choice. Not to dictate beliefs. However, this information is not talked about it all in schools, especially in America. Therefore I hope that everyone as open minded enough to accept a truth when it comes. 

Exodus Happened.

The second most controversial topic is whether or not the Biblical accounts of Exodus actually happened. This one is a bit tricky when it comes to finding evidence. Parts of Exodus is about miracles, and miracles cannot be explained or proven by science, archeology or geology. They are mystical, spiritual phenomenon’s that occurred from divine intervention. Therefore I won’t be trying to explain how Moses staff turned into a snake. Or how the red sea formed a walk away for the Israelites. These topics are left to the reader to believe or not to believe. I again cannot dictate that. 

However I will go into finds about Israel’s presence in Egypt, their journey to mount Sinai and the battles in the land of cannon against all their adversaries. Not to mention I might touch on potential evidence of human giants. 

Comming Soon.

Please be patient with me as I gather this information for these future articles. With information like this i make that I am quoting from outside sources properly and not twisting info to appeal my own beliefs. I am also working a full time job, witch makes it harder for me to find the time to research and write. 

In the meantime I will be writing about the laws the Christ established for his followers to keep that came directly from the old law. For those of us who do not need to see The Highest God to believe, you come first. And for those of us who need “hard evidence” like proving Noah’s flood and the Exodus, come last. 

Blessed be to all who seek The Highest God face and his grace. John 20:29. “29 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.


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