More Evidence: Noah’s Flood Formed The Grand Canyon.

Greetings truth seeker! Modern geological and archeological advancements are absolutely amazing. However it is the people who investigate the earth’s natural formations that we should be worried about when trusting the information that they give to the public. For centuries, scientists have led modern people to believe that most of the world’s valleys, canyons and various rock formations were created from slow moving rivers. And that these rivers, slowly over millions of years, have eroded at the rocks that are exposed to us today. 

Modern and unbiased geologist are taking over the field and viewing these strange formations as something created from a catastrophic disaster which would’ve taken no more than a year to create. In other words the grand canyon was more likely created by a catastrophic flood rather than a river. Ironically, while scientists are gradually examining these formations, they are realizing that the Bible story about Noah’s flood in Genesis may be true earth history. 

John Newberys Hypothesis.

First let’s examine the century old theory that rivers eroded at the mountains over time. Specifically the Grand Canyon in Colorado is said to have been formed over millions of years by the Colorado river that flows through it. It’s a classic assumption originally proposed by John Newbery. Apparently this man was an American geologist and physician who was the first to see the Grand canyon floor. Upon him being astonished by the array of colorful layers of the canyon and witnessing the power of the Colorado river that flowed through it. He proposed that the river itself must have carved through the rocky terrain over millions or billions of years.

Ever since John Newberry proposed this idea about the possible formation of the Canyon, every other scientist after him accepted it without question. Modern geologists go as far as to only support this hypothesis without further contrasting ideas. Newberry’s idea was further supported in so many ways: Sea overflow inland that caused mineral deposits which formed the layers of rocks, lake overflow which must have cut through the rocks over 5 million years and a tectonic plate shift that caused the flat mountain tops. 

Unbiased Geologist.

There are few modern geologists that think beyond the first uneducated theory given by John Newberry 1855. These geologist, David Montgomery, Dr. Steve Austin and Michael J Oard all disagree with the theory of “millions of years of rock erosion”. In fact they believe it didn’t take longer than a few months for nature to create the canyon. Ironically the evidence that is used to convey a slow river erosion actually does not strongly support the thesis. The evidence of sea and lake overflow, tectonic plates shifting and volcanic eruptions all point to canyon erosion on a massive and fast scale. This perspective is unbiased and depicts a catastrophic world flood event that caused other natural disasters to occur.. Which is surprisingly heard of through scripture and other ancient records.

The Sea Overflow

According to Stanley S. Beus there are marine fossils found embedded in the “red outcrop” formations of the grand canyon. These particular marine fossils could only be found in the ocean, miles away from the Grand Canyon. Geologists of the mid 1900’s speculated that the sea must have overflowed into the canyon 5 different times. However, it is believed that this process took at least 1 million years to create each layer of sedimentary rock. Therefore by the time the sea retreated, it would leave behind a new layer of sedimentary rock. According to a popular method of dating rocks, the formation of the canyon by the sea could have taken 5.5 million years. It is thought that the amount of fossilized plants, animals and minerals left there must have taken thousands of years to bury.

On the contrary belief, it must have taken a very short mount to time for an abundant of fossilized living organsism to be deposited in a cluster of sedimentary rock. Likewise, the sea did not continuously overflow the land and deposit layers over 5.5 million years. Instead, they believe that the entire continent, if not the world, was covered in ocean water. And at one point the ocean water receded quickly across the continent. When large amounts of water recedes rapidly it can buries clumps of minerals in one area. Taking with it sediments and depositing it gradually over a short period of time.


Examples of these mineral deposits occur in nature when strong tides move ocean minerals and debris onto the shore. After the sea recedes there are sea shells, animals and minerals usually bundled up in random areas of the shore. This natural occurance never takes thousands of years to happen, it takes only days. However the Grand canyon shows evidence of this natural phenomenon on a catastrophic scale.

Lake Overflow.

Previous and popular belief that the Colorodo river formed the Grand canyon became an issue when geologists discovered that the river itself is younger than the canyon. Sedements and deposits found at the Canyon are formed facing upstream from the Colorodo river. Which suggest that another river flowing in the opposite direction would have formed the canyon. The issue with this discovery is that there are no other rivers that exist in the canyon. Therefore geologists have to explore other possibilities. Remains of dried out massive Lakes exist in various parts of the Grand Canyon.

It is assumed one of these Lakes could have overflowed it’s barriers and rapidly eroded at the land surrounding it creating the Canyon. This massive watery overflow is thought to have enough power to slowly erode at the layers of rock formations over 5.5 millions years. Such slow erosion had emptied the old lake or lakes. Both Biased and unbiased geologists agree that this scinerio is a 95% probability. However unbiased geologists believe that other natural formations suggest that a single body of water could not form the trenches of the canyon.

Tectonic Plate Shift.

At the turn of the century Geologist discovered the existance of tectonic plates that our world sits on. It explains how earthquakes tend to happen across the world. Now knowing how nature shifts in the earths crust and changes the landscape is applied to the canyon. It’s assumed that a tectonic plate (farallon plate) eruption must have shifted the mountain tops of the canyon and leveled them flat. Simultaneously, a tectonic shift would have pushed the sea waters back into the ocean causing further rock erosion. These plate tectonic shifts not only pushed the sea back into the ocean but had also set off train reactions of volcanic eruptions in the death valley portion of the Grand canyon.

On the contrary, unbiased geologist believe that rapid water eroded the tops of the mountains. Naturally rapidly running water flowing over cliffs always clears off all existing debris to create a flat surface. Although they do not believe a tectonic plate would level mountains, they agree that tectonic shifts would’ve propelled the ocean water even faster over the continent and cause a volcanic eruption. Which would cause a chain reaction of natural disasters.


Volcanic eruptions has always been one of natures most damaging disasters. They have the ability to cut through the earths crust and mold the ground surrounding it. We can apply this to the grand canyon. Lets Take mount st. Helens for example. It erupted in 1980 and the lava quickly eroded at the layers of the earth forming the canyon that we see today. However this erosion happened in just a few minutes to ours. Therefore unbiased geologists apply this natural phenomenon to the geological character of the grand canyon.

Given its many wonders, there is a portion of the canyon filled with mounds. These mounds are evidence of multiple inactive volcanoes that were triggered by the shifting of tectonic plates. This cataclysmic event would’ve caused a series of volcanic eruptions. Which released an insane amount of lava through the land. The lava caused serious erosion through the earth’s crust creating a majority of the canyon. 


Modern geological evidence about the grand Canyon has proven John Newberry wrong. His assumption that the grand Canyon was created by the Colorodo river is extremely incorrect. In fact evidence shows that the Colorodo River came after the Canyons formation. Furthermore geologists see more evidence describing the events of Noahs world wide flood. The Grand Canyon of California shows how the earth was shaken, erupted and flooded over while burying animals, and minerals. It shows us how the ocean receded from the continent, flattening out the mountain tops and molding the canyon. The Grand Canyon of California is just one of many that show the same formations. Mount St. Helens closely resembles the Grand Canyon on a smaller scale.

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