Did Dinosaurs and Humans Coexist?

Greetings truth seeker! Welcome, the short answer to this question is more likely, yes. Modern scientists and historians have recognized an interesting pattern in ancient art and folklore that brings an interesting twist to accepted theories. Contrary to popular theory, dinosaurs probably did live alongside humans. Unfortunately it is hard to imagine how dinosaurs and humans could live together. I would think that the dinosaurs would kill off the humans. However humans are intelligent so maybe human intelligence defeated the dinosaurs. 

According to the King James 1611 Bible (Genesis 6: 11-13). There were living creatures that perverted their way and needed to be destroyed with the earth and through a worldwide flood. I assume that this perversion of creatures is the mutation of regular animals into ferocious beasts we call dinosaurs. The evidence of a worldwide flood and the extinction of the dinosaurs lines up perfectly with the Biblical Noah’s flood story. But Noah must have lived together with these beasts. At least that would only make since. First I will examine humans foot prints found near dinosaur foot prints. Next is will examine ancient artifacts depicting dinosaurs and lastly I will highlight the connection between dinosaur and dragon. As a conclusion of this matter I will bring it all together.

Dinosaur tracks and human tracks:

At the Paluxy River near Glen Rose U.S.A There are human feet or shoes repeatedly found in and around dinosaur tracks. Also there is a hammer handle found in the mountain side near the tracks. I’ve heard a lot of controversial comments about this discovery. Evolutionists believe that since the foot prints are merged with dinosaur footprints that they are not actually human prints at all. However creationist believe that the human footprints are still there regardless. I am however viewing this evidence like a crime scene.. There’s human footprints found under dinosaur footprints and a broken hammer handle in the mountain side close by. It looked like there was a small group of people running away from a  few dinosaurs and trying to defend themselves. That to me would make more sense. Consequently that would still mean that humans were living together with dinosaurs. 

Needless to say, it is still a very scary thought that humans were living on the same planet as these enormous creatures. 

Dinosaurs or Dragons?

See Images and other resources of historical evidence here

In almost every ancient civilization there are stories and legends of dragons. Large scaly and fierce creatures that destroyed everything. Usually they have wings and breathe fire. Despite the legends and myths, these creatures were apparently never found. Modern scientists say that no evidence or physical remains exist at all of the dragon. However, there are an astonishing amount of ancient images depicting different types of enormous reptiles. They surprisingly look allot like what we call dinosaurs today. 

First the Greeks have a depiction of a type of animal called a crocodile-leopard. From close observation of the term the Greeks used to describe this particular animal. It would suggest that this animal had mammal and reptilian characteristics which are unseen in modern animals. However there are plenty of dinosaurs that are both mammals and reptiles. 

The Pompeii Fresco

A fresco painting still survives from 70 A.D which depicts a scene of humans interacting with aquatic life. Some of the creatures in the painting look like extraordinary reptiles. They’ve been identified as Moeritherium and a Sphenacodon dinosaur. Both of these creatures were reportedly extinct 35 million- approximately 200 million years ago. It’s interesting how this ancient art shows humans and dinosaurs together. The fact that it’s a painting means that it was the painter’s memory of an event that recently took place in his life. Www. minervamagazine.co.uk

Chinese Dinosaurs.

An ancient painting made during the Ming Dynasty by Ding Yumpeng is supposedly a type of Chinese dragon. Most of us are familiar with the no winged, elongated flying reptile. However this dragon is shorter than what we’re used to. Surprisingly it looks like one of the dinosaurs recreated from their bones today. Its shape is similar if not the same as a coelurosaur. That type of dinosaur is also related to the t-rex which makes me wonder if humans and t-rex existed at the same time to. www.banrepcultural.org

Another Chinese art was made from jade. A sculpture created 2,000 B.C looks exactly like what we would call a Triceratop. However it was identified to be a Montanoceratops, cousin of the famous Triceratop. Some say it looks like a pig but pigs don’t have long thick tales.

Etymology of Dragon and Dinosaurs

The modern term for the dinosaur did not exist in ancient terminology. The word dinosaur entered the English language 1841 from the Greek Dinosauria or Deonis (terrible) sauros (lizard), aka enormous reptile. Before this term became well known the word dragon was used to describe these creatures in different variations around the world. Typically the word dragon means enormous serpent. Both the lizard and serpent are from the reptilian family concluding that the two terms were more likely used to describe the same creatures. Therefore if its not logical to believe that humans and dinosaurs did not live together. The biblical text uses the terms “dragon” as a metaphor to something very real. However it was not used as a mythical creature but a type of animal that existed.

Evolution tells us that humans and dinosaurs or dragons did not co-exist together. Accept that humans ape ancestor lived with these creatures instead. However, why would there be paintings from civilizations (people of intelligence not apes) depicting these creatures? In my perspective evolution is far fetched. After all its only a theory from Darwin that hasn’t been proven 100% backed by science unfortunately. That being said, then the way of calculating the earths age is not accurate either.


The biblical text says that The Highest God destroyed the creatures that corrupted their way with the earth. These corrupted creatures would be these dinosaurs which were washed by the world wide, Noah’s flood. Unfortunately not all of them died by the flood. Some of them survived in small numbers and appeared to our intelligent ancestors. Which is why we have beautiful paintings depicting these creatures. Therefore yes humans lived among dinosaurs before and after they were supposedly extinct.


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