Are There Dinosaurs in the Bible?

Greetings truth seeker! I was reading the book of Enoch the other day and I remembered how there is a chapter in it that sounds interesting. This chapter 7 in the book of Enoch translated by R.H Charles elaborates on the story of Noah before the flood from the bible Genesis chapter 6. It tells about the fallen angels, giants and their sin against humanity. As I was reading it occurred to me that this may be the Biblical origins of the dinosaurs. In this article I will be explaining the origins of the dinosaurs through the sacred Biblical and dead sea scroll. First I will examine scientific understanding of dinosaur evolution, then elaborate on the correlation of dinosaurs and dragons and lastly tie it all together with the Enoch account of how these beasts came into existence. 

Creationist View:

Many creationist refuse to believe in evolution as it is hard to actually confirm with science. They say that a species cannot become a whole new species. Genetic science shows that one species may adapt to different environments and look slightly different than the original form but it still remains the same species. For instance sharks have been gigantic prehistoric creatures like the megalodon but modern sharks come in different varieties. Same as whales and monkeys, snakes, birds and so on. They all have an original common ancestor but over time different groups of the same kind adapted and became slightly different from the original yet it still remains as the same species of animal. 

Some hard core creationist who believe in the biblical account go as far to say that the dinosaurs are creatures created with the other animals we see today. Also that they were created with mankind at the same time. Although this claim seems feasible it is not correct to me. Why would the highest God create a massive man eating, super deadly carnivorous creature? Isn’t mankind supposed to rule over creation? These creations like the tyrannosaurus rex would destroy mankind. That wouldn’t make sense to me. 

Evolution of Dinosaurs:

That’s when Evolution seems to fill in  that inconsistency with the Biblical narrative. Evolution says that These dinosaur creatures existed 70 million years before mankind and modern animals. Also that these animals eventually evolved or rather regressed into the animals that exist today. Even humans are supposedly evolved from different types of monkeys or apes. However by assuming evolution actually happened then we discard the bible and half of proven science. Evolution is theoretical not scientific. Therefore something is missing from the overall picture. 

Actually according to a study by James A. Hopson on dinosaurs it is hypothesized that dinosaurs were mutated from a subclass Archosauria. This reptile was exposed to intense radiation during the Mesozoic period and caused it to become the dinosaurs we know of today. This is assumed because many large dinosaurs have a relatively small brain for their bodies just like reptiles. However some dinosaurs have brain/body ratios like birds instead. Therefore scientists believe that this is the origin of dinosaurs. 

Unfortunately, radiation doesn’t cause monstrous mutations of already existing animals. It typically causes birth defects, death and cancer. In other words after radiation exposure these animals would have died instead of mutated. Therefore dinosaurs did not evolve from reptiles. Perhaps something else happened?

Dinosaurs and Birds: 

Some animals that exist today “de-evolved” into the different types of birds, sea animals and beasts. For instance a little more than half of what we know of as dinosaurs were actually birds. As previously known, the t-rex is said to be closely related to a chicken. At first this was funny to the public because the t Rex is a fierce looking dinosaur. Also most dinosaurs are believed to have reptilian characteristics only. However, many paleontologists found that they were both  bird and reptilian mixed creatures. Imprints on the dinosaur’s bones suggest that feathers grew there, and therefore a majority of dinosaurs had feathers. 

“The past twenty years, however, new fossil discoveries and new research methods have enabled paleontologists to determine that birds descend from ground-dwelling, meat eating dinosaurs of the group known as Theropods.” The Origins of Birds and Their Flight by Kevin Radian and Lewis M. Chiappe. 

There were three groups of dinosaur species that were reptilian and bird mixed. Raptors, Tyrannosaurus, Theropod, Spinosaurus, Therizinosaurs and Ornithomimids. That amounts to 50% of dinosaurs that had these special characteristics. These dino birds would have had wings for the ones with arms. There were some that could fly. Surprisingly they would look like dragons in some way. A dragon depiction it’s typically a scaled flying reptilian bird or bat thing. This more accurate and updated description of a dinosaur being a “dino/reptilian/bird” seems more accurate. Check out : Feathered Dragons by Eva B Koppethus

All other dinosaurs were types of sea creatures and beasts. Surprisingly, these new evidence connecting dinosaurs and birds together is similar to the Biblical account. 

Possible Biblical Creation of Dinosaurs:

According to the text in Enoch 7:1-6

“And all the others together with them took unto themselves wives, and each chose for himself one, and they began to go in unto them and too defile themselves with them.

They taught them charms and enchantments, and the cutting roots, and made them acquainted with herbs .

And they become pregnant, and they bore great giants, whose height was three hundred ells: Who consumed the acquisitions of men.

When men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against them and devoured mankind.

And they began to sin against birds, and beast, and reptiles, and fish, and too devour one another’s flesh, and drink the blood.

Then the earth laid accusation against the lawless ones.”

The passage from Enoch tells a story of the Fallen angels and how they married human women. Apparently their children became giants and terrorized humanity. These giants reached 3 hundred ells which equals a forearm length in old english. Approximately 3 hundred forearm lengths would be about 600 feet. Notice how before these women gave birth to giants they were taught angelic knowledge of enchantments also known as magic spells, sorcery or witchcraft. As most of us should know, magic is evil and a major sin in the Biblical law. These angelic/human giant cross breeds would have needed a massive amount of food to sustain themselves therefore they “devoured mankind. And began to sin against birds and beasts, and reptiles and fish and too devour one anothers flesh and drink the blood.” 

Verse 5 Interpretation:

We also see something interesting, the giants sinned against birds, reptiles, fish and beast.. This sin the book is referencing would be enchantments, sorcery, and magic spells. Hypothetically speaking, the giant’s parents (Angel dad and human woman) might have used their evil knowledge to create a mutated bird/reptile, beast/reptile and fish/reptile hybrid creatures. And to help these mega creatures grow in size they could’ve fused them with giant blood or DNA. Logically the parents of these giants would’ve wanted to feed them, what better way to do than have a chicken in massive form. Another perk of these creatures is that they reproduce fast because they could lay eggs instead of birthing living young. Therefore these giants could have a self sustaining diet. 

That would explain the verses proceeding as it quotes: Enoch 9:5-7

“Thou hast made all things, and power over all things hast thou; and all things are naked and open in thy sight, and Thou seest all things, and nothing can hide from thee.

6. Thou seest what Azazel hath done, who hath taught all unrighteousness on earth and revealed the eternal secrets which were kept in heaven, which men were striving to learn:

7.And Semjaza, to whom Thou hast given authority to hear rule over his associates. And They have gone to the daughters of men upon the earth, and have slept with the women, and have defiled themselves and revealed to them all kinds of sin.”

Genesis 6:11-12

The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.

And God looked upon the earth, and, behold it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.”

Biblical Interpretation.

The corruption of the earth would be the cross breeding and mutation of regular animals that the fallen angels and giant humans helped create using mankind especially women. In order for anyone to consider this perspective as a potential cause of the dinosaur existence, then one must believe in angelic power, humans existing before dinosaurs and that evolution isn’t correct. One would also need to believe that human civilization must have been highly advanced because of the angelic knowledge before Noah’s flood that destroyed all dinosaurs. Also one would have to believe that all modern animals existed before the dinosaurs did. And lastly one must believe that The Highest god didn’t purposely create dinosaurs however he did allow their existence to occur. 

From a biblical interpretive viewpoint this is how the dinosaurs were created and Noah’s flood, the world wide flood, is how they were destroyed. They were destroyed because they were mutated, genetically spliced and divinely corrupted creatures that were not a part of the original design. 



In conclusion, the Biblical origin of dinosaurs lines up almost perfectly with the scientific facts of how dinosaurs evolved into birds and reptiles and were gigantic creatures. They were not created before Adam and Eve, the first humans. These creatures were unnatural mutations created by angelic powers for the possible purpose of feeding the angels gigantic human children. Although this could be true, proving other parts of scripture is a must. Angels and the existence of giants would need to be accepted by modern science. Paleontologists can find out what these creatures are but they can’t explain how they got here. Not to mention that Noah’s Biblical flood is what caused the dinosaur extinction, which has been proven by archeologist.

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