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Greetings truth seeker!

Welcome to Your Majesties Prototypical Christianity! Exposing Hidden Biblical truths using historical, archeological, and scientific information. All information given is meant to help educate people and bring them closer to The Highest God of The Bible. 

Who I am.

Hi, my name is Medina. I am a lady living in the United States of America. I work as a cook full time. I am also a single parent to one child. My favorite hobbies are writing, drawing/painting, teaching and learning. Other hobbies of mine are, dancing, listening to music, playing guitar, hiking, and cooking. Unfortunately i haven’t been able to do some of these hobbies because I’m busy being an “adult”

Values and Principles.

I am a very practical, fun loving, kind hearted person who enjoys learning the truth about anything. I love the truth so much that I think everyone should learn it. I truly believe that the truth will set you free but first it will always make you angry. I also believe that being truthful takes courage, persistence, knowledge and understanding.

Products offered.

With this blog I intend to offer everyone some type of truth on the biblical side of life. Some stuff I write about is only from the bible and others is information that compliments the biblical text. I also like to recommend books for the reader to help him or her expand their knowledge. Eventually I would like to sell you complementary art products. 


The purpose of me sharing the information I learned is to inspire change of thought and heart. I yearn to help people understand the difference between prototypical Christianity and pagan Christianity. It’s unfair that people are going to a church that profits off of lying to people. I think it is better that everyone knows what they do, what they follow, why they follow and if it’s truly what they want. This blog is more about giving the truth whether it is liked or not. 

This is not a Church. I do not offer a  physical gathering place. I do not offer baptism. You cannot be spiritually saved through me but you can be mentally saved from Biblical ignorance by me. 

My journey:

Most of my childhood i spent knowing some form of Christianity. I also had a Buddhist aunt and most of my family were spiritual people. Both my family and my teachers always taught me that knowledge is power because no one can take it away from you. In my teens I became a wiccan practitioner and realized how evil it was. When I was 16-18 years  old I called myself a Buddhist or spiritualist.

I infused biblical concepts with my practice since I didn’t agree with the whole bible at the time. In my early twenties I found myself learning much more hidden information than I could have imagined. At first it was overwhelming and frustrating. After a while I put everything I learned together and my whole life made . sense. With the help of one of my prototypical Christian co-workers, I got baptized (September 23rd 2018. 9am) through his church “The Gathering of Christ Church” under the names “Ahaya Ashar Ahaya, Yashaya, and Rewach.” 

I am not an agent of theirs but they did grant me an everlasting gift of life. I decided to start this blog to give a gentler voice on behalf of Biblical truths. Also, many people ask me about what my religion is all the time. This blog helps me answer those questions.

I value the ability to choose a destiny without fear mongering or force. However, there are consequences and blessings for every choice. I advise that you choose wisely. 


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