Welcome to the wonderful world of denied truth. Not just any truth but Biblical truths. Lets face it, the Bible is probably the most compelling historical and religious document ever written. It lays the foundation for not just one but for three religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Within Christianity itself there are at least seven different branches, all of which argue about the same scriptures and choose which ones they wish to follow. Funny how a book called the “word of God” has been interpreted into almost 50 different doctrines. The worst part is that many of the people who claim to be followers of the Biblical text do not believe that any of it is true. In fact most just follow it as a hobby or a comfort religion. Many Christians don’t believe in the Biblical account of a massive world wide flood from the “Noah’s Ark” testimony. Some Christians question whether Christ lived or not. The Jewish people don’t believe that Christ is the Messiah. Islam is praying to a black box in Mecca, skipped over Christ and honor Muhammad?

It seems too unfortunately inconvenient for this one book to be horribly misunderstood, lied on and even ridiculed. This site is dedicated to revealing the hidden truths behind all the lies. Here’s a hint, the key to properly interpreting the Bible is to know hidden history, the culture and language of the Israelites who wrote it, and researching forbidden archeology. It’s about time that the God of the Holy scriptures be revealed and seen by all nations with all his spender whether they may hate it or not. Therefore welcome once again to a world of truth.

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