Clean and unclean Bible Dietary Law.

Staying clean is a very important practice most modern societies implement. Medical professionals use hygiene techniques more than most people. They understand how unseen germs can infect and kill people. Therefore it's important that washing the body, specifically the hands, is a necessary practice. Most of us grow up knowing that certain hygiene norms keep... Continue Reading →

More Evidence: Noah’s Flood Formed The Grand Canyon.

Greetings truth seeker! Modern geological and archeological advancements are absolutely amazing. However it is the people who investigate the earth's natural formations that we should be worried about when trusting the information that they give to the public. For centuries, scientists have led modern people to believe that most of the world's valleys, canyons and... Continue Reading →

Homosexuality In The Bible.

Greeting truth seeker, welcome to one of your Majesties Prototypical Christian informative articles. I’m continuing my rant about the various types of “sexual Laws” of the bible. I’ve written about Adultery, Marriage, and fornication, the main sinful triad. Now it’s time to talk about homosexuality. It’s not a new topic for society but why not... Continue Reading →

What is Biblical Marriage?

As I was writing about adultery , I realized that modern marriage and Biblical marriage are completely different. However modern Christians have disregarded the Biblical meaning and adopted the modern marriage laws instead. Before going any further into the other sexual sins, we must know The Highest Gods marriage regulations. There are four steps in... Continue Reading →

Adultery Law, on Steroids.

Welcome! Today, I wanted to write about every bodies favorite biblical death penalty sin, adultery. It is popular in modern culture around the world to explore, exploit and encourage sexual intercourse with not only one partner but multiple. It doesn’t stop there, we are even encouraged and praised on sexualizing our bodies, and having homosexual... Continue Reading →

King Herod of The Bible

Greetings, truth seeker. Welcome to today's New Testament historical article. Upon reading the first 3 chapters of the book of Matthew. I couldn't help but notice that there is a king mentioned that supposedly wanted to meet the baby christ. King Herod, also known as the tetrarch, who ruled over Judea during Christ and John's... Continue Reading →

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