Historical Elements of The Bible.

The Bible is rich in historical accounts dating as far back as well, the beginning of time. Though this is hard to believe, I’ll do my best to prove it to you through geological, scientific and archeological evidence. Our school systems deny us much factual information, leaving us with half the truth. A majority of history is told by the victors and we are left with an exaggerated or shortened version of the true story. Even science has a problem with leaving out important details and reserving it for “top secret personnel’s”. 

Geology is the study of the earth’s history primarily through the study of rocks. Science is an in depth study of the natural world through experiments. Archeology is the study of human history through studying excavated sites and its remains. All three types of studies contribute to our knowledge of history along with their many sub categories.

Historical Importance.

It’s about time that someone revealed the truth, the hidden and ugly facts to the common individual. Complex biblical concepts have deep historical roots. Some Biblical concepts need outside sources for concise interpretation. That is why learning about the secret history is important to unlocking its many treasures. I encourage you to have an open mind to a different view of the world through geology, science and archeology. It’s always a good thing to learn, even if it’s upsetting. The most important part is knowing what to do with the information you learn.

Think about it. What would you do if you discovered that your school teachers lied to you? Or that your history teacher didn’t know what she was teaching? Before moving forward, ask yourself if you know how the dinosaurs died. Did you know that giants walked the earth? What if i could prove these two “myths” to be fact? What would you do?


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