The Role of A Biblical King.

Greetings! In my last post I elaborated on the first portion of the Biblical law founded in the old testament. Under the subsection of the civil law we have the priest, judges, and officers. There are also royal powers in this section who partake in enforcing the civil laws of The Highest God. Although most... Continue Reading →

How To Read The Bible.

Good day wonderful Biblical truth searchers! Congratulations on wanting to learn more about the Bible and most importantly how to read the Bible. There are many different ways that you can start reading but there is one that is way more effective than the common way of reading. I offer you a strategy that increases... Continue Reading →

Pagan and Christianity

This is an introduction to a type of Christianity that is fun and loved by lots of people. Christians love pagan holidays because it is easier to conform than to separate from popular traditions . This is due to Christians knowingly or unknowingly celebrating Pagan holidays as if they were ordained biblical holidays. Well known... Continue Reading →

Prototypical Christian.

A prototypical Christian is a term that denotes the first and original form of Christianity. This meaning has different components to it. However, in short it is referring to the followers of the religion, culture and spirituality of The Most high God. This is explained through the entirety of the prophetic testimonials called holly scriptures... Continue Reading →

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