Expossed: Pagan Cross In Church.

Greetings truth seeker. This article focuses on the unfortunate religious pandemic of Sun worship symbols within the popular Christian Church. Yes, an ancient pagan sun worship symbol has infiltrated the Christian Church. This is sad but true. We would like to believe that Christianity as we know it is entirely original but it is not. The beloved Christian cross is not for Christianity, it is a well known pagan sun worship symbol. It is true that Christ died on a cross but he, nor his disciples had ever venerated the cross or the sun. The Biblical text makes no significant reference to the sun in terms of worship. So, what does the Bible say about the sun and the cross? What does the cross mean and where did it come from? Should Christians continue the use of the cross?

The Sun In The Bible

Of course the sun is in the bible. It is mentioned 255 times throughout the new and old testament. The word “sun” in Hebrew means Shemesh, to be brilliant, the sun, from the east (Strong’s Concordance H8121 and G2246). The Biblical text references the sun as a symbol of time keeping throughout the day (Joshua 10:27), a type of place (Ecclesiastes 4:1), or a metaphor of holiness and of beauty (Matt. 12:2). However the sun itself is never depicted as a type of deity (Jeremiah 31:35). It is in fact a cosmic invention created by the Heavenly Father as a type of light.

Although Christ is depicted as another type of light within the Biblical text, he and the Sun are completely different. The Sun is a created object and Christ is a descendant of The Heavenly Father that possesses a type of light. Similar to the difference between a father creating a lamp and having a son that holds a lamp. 

The words “son” and “sun” are similar but not interchangeable in the Hebrew language in which the Biblical text derives from. The word “son” means a boy that is born from the seed of his father; and of course “sun” is the ball of light in the sky. Therefore we have a clear distinction between The Son of The Heavenly Father and The Sun that revolves around the earth.

The Cross In Christianity

In reality the cross is a widely used ancient sun worship symbol. As for Christians it is not backed by the Bible. Yes, Christ did die on a cross, the Roman cross. However there is one issue with the popular translation. When we read the text and see the word “cross”, we think of the equilateral swastika cross. Unfortunately that is not what the English word cross actually means. The English word cross derives from the Greek word Stauros which means an upright pole ( Strong’s Concordance G4716). Stauros is not a cross in the way that we think of today. Christ died on a stauros, an upright pole, for an extremely painful death by crucifixion. That would mean that his hands and feet were nailed to the “pole” on top of each other, not separately. See Also a Video.

Many Christians truly believe that Christ died on a type of “t” shaped cross, which is why they wear it as a necklace, paint it in pictures, put it on the church windows and doors, etc. In reality the cross, as we know it, is an age old pagan symbol for sun worship not for Christ. Christians are doing more harm than good by wearing this pagan symbol. The “cross” is used in magic rituals throughout pagan cultures and of course to venerate the sun.

The Ancient Pagan Cross

Pagan cultures around the world have depicted the sun as an all powerful god. This sun god is depicted as either a female or male. Either way they are typically worshiped as important gods. The universal worship of the sun is a way for these societies to give thanks to nature. Since the sun gives heat it is natural for pagans to believe that the sun is the giver of life. Whereas the Isrealites who wrote the Bible knew that the sun is a creation from The Most High God/ Heavenly Father, not a god itself. The pagan cultures around the world venerated the sun in their everyday lives, notably through symbols. 

Popular Crosses.

There are many sun symbols but one in particular stands out. It is called the Swastika, a symbol of a cross that signifies the worship of Apollo in ancient hyperborean. Apollo was worshiped by Indo European nations during the bronze age. The Swastika cross is also known as an equilateral cross seen through other cultures. This cross also represents the four seasons and the four winds in which the sun subsequently controls. The four sides of the cross represent the four primary rays of the sun while the circle in the middle is the ball of light. Sun crosses are found in slightly different forms from ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, Romans, Greecians, Celts, Germans, Native Americans, Vedic and Indian cultures. 

Within these religions, cultures and societies the sun was the one most important aspect of life. It was a part of the social norm to venerate the sun. In Sami culture symbols of the sun were drawn on oval or circle drums as a source of healing. In Romania the sun cross is depicted in their worship sanctuaries for good luck. The Celts used it as a good luck charm for magic and the Native Americans saw it as a symbol of warmth and life. The Greeks worshiped Helios, Summarians worshiped Uta-Shamash all using a form of a sun cross.


Pagan sun worship is much deeper than just gazing at the sun and personifying it. However that information shall be reserved for another article. In the meantime, Christians in particular should not wear, have, draw, use or buy a cross. It is a pagan symbol not a Christian symbol regardless of what’s been taught. Proper symbols for Christianity would be a dove, a lamb, water, a candle, the arch of the covenant, or the two stone tablets engraved with the ten commandments. Any of these would suffice except the cross. Remember that Christ is not a sun god but he is the son of The Most High God.

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