Advanced Biblical Quarantine and Covid

Greetings truth seeker! Unfortunately the topics surrounding The evidence and legitimacy of Noah’s flood is extremely difficult to organize. Therefore in the meanwhile, I hope to intrigue you about the clean and unclean concepts of the Biblical law and how to use it today. Next is I will write about Christmas original meaning and how... Continue Reading →

Clean and unclean Bible Dietary Law.

Staying clean is a very important practice most modern societies implement. Medical professionals use hygiene techniques more than most people. They understand how unseen germs can infect and kill people. Therefore it's important that washing the body, specifically the hands, is a necessary practice. Most of us grow up knowing that certain hygiene norms keep... Continue Reading →

Adultery In The Bible.

Welcome! Today, I wanted to write about every bodies favorite biblical death penalty sin, adultery. It is popular in modern culture around the world to explore, exploit and encourage sexual intercourse with not only one partner but multiple. It doesn’t stop there, we are even encouraged and praised on sexualizing our bodies, and having homosexual... Continue Reading →

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