Adultery Law, on Steroids.

Welcome! Today, I wanted to write about every bodies favorite biblical death penalty sin, adultery. It is popular in modern culture around the world to explore, exploit and encourage sexual intercourse with not only one partner but multiple. It doesn’t stop there, we are even encouraged and praised on sexualizing our bodies, and having homosexual … Continue reading Adultery Law, on Steroids.

Thou Shalt Not (Even Think Of) Killing!

The New Testament is another living and breathing evolution of the original law given to Moses. Christ is the one that pioneered this evolution with words that seem excessive. Christ takes one of those old and misunderstood laws of "no killing" to a whole new level. However, in reality it is an expansion of the … Continue reading Thou Shalt Not (Even Think Of) Killing!

Forgiveness and Redemption

One concept that we must remember upon reading the old testament law is that there is and has always been a form of forgiveness and redemption. For us living in the New Testament time, it is much simpler to gain forgiveness and maintain redemption for our sins unlike the Old Testament times. Nonetheless the concept … Continue reading Forgiveness and Redemption

Biblical Law Decoded.

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my site. I am proud to inform you that the Biblical law of the New Testament and The Old Testament are one in the same. Not as the popular Christian doctrine will describe it. It is a pesky rumor that the two central collections of documents are separate … Continue reading Biblical Law Decoded.

The Power of Submission.

This scripture is one of my favorite ones because it has moal power behind it. It is common to believe that those of us in leadership positions can be dictators, selfish and arogant. This scripture speaks against that notion. Instead it expresses a sense of humility even in our leaders. Our leaders are also required … Continue reading The Power of Submission.

How To Keep The Sabbath Holy Part Two..

  Photo by Alesia Kozik on In the previous post I wrote about the first four rules out of the seven for keeping the Biblical Sabbath Holy. In this article I will continue to explain the last 3 rules for keeping the Biblical Sabbath holy. The final three rules are: no kindling a fire, … Continue reading How To Keep The Sabbath Holy Part Two..

How to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Part 1.

One of the big 10 commandments that most Christians know of is Exodus 20:8 “Remember The Sabbath, to keep it holy.” The Sabbath day is very important to The Most High God because he established it as holy since the dawn of mankind. Genesis 2:2-3 KJV. This is a day of rest that the heavenly … Continue reading How to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. Part 1.

Three Reason To keep The sabbath.

Good day to you, wonderful reader in search of hidden biblical truths! I am proud to enlighten you about the wonderful Sabbath day. A day that most modern societies ignore and take for granted. Little do most people know that the biblical Sabbath is still relevant to modern Christians. For clarity I would like to … Continue reading Three Reason To keep The sabbath.

Biblical Morality Vs. Worldly Morality.

Biblical morality is a term I’d like to use to specify the difference between worldly morality and Biblical morality. Those of us  living in the western world may have confused the two as one “universal good”. To some degree they do overlap. However they are still distinctively different. There are levels of morality in the … Continue reading Biblical Morality Vs. Worldly Morality.